About Us

A Service You Can Trust

We know that the auto & Marine industries have a reputation of overcharging and up-selling unneeded parts and services. To ensure we're a place you can trust, we operate with complete transparency. All of our prices are listed, with no hidden fees and all our services are broken down so you know where your money is going. Our goal is to build a relationship spanning the life of your car, boat, or powersport machine! 

Professional Techs & Equipment

Do one thing and do it well, that is our motto. We have trained professionals specializing in fuel Injection systems. We also use the best test equipment available today, the same equipment trusted and used by Bosch Injection. With this knowledge and equipment combined, we are able to provide you with the best possible services. 

Fast Turnaround

Living in Canada, we understand our seasons are short and downtime is lost fun time. There's nothing worse than spending thousands of dollars on a machine, only to have it sit in prices during peak season. Our service turnaround time is typically less than 24 hours, meaning you can get back on the road where you belong. Feel free to contact us regarding peak-season turnaround.